Imbolc Celebration

We spent Imbolc in intimacy of the house of the Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman, and created an improvised imbolc centre piece with various objects. Flowers, as the first flowers before spring comes, the fabric serpent that she had, as a symbol of Brigit, who was a Celtic Goddess represented by a hibernating serpent and associated with awakening. This led to quite a lot of discussion about Goddess Brigit who was later Christianised as St Briget, and about the function of women in the church in different times of history, that took us to the figure of Mary Magdalene, about whom the Rev Professor gave a talk mentioning Biblical apocrypha.

There was also the skin of a real serpent, that I had never seen before! And of course, a Bridget’s cross. Enough for the present woman for a very good discussion, singing and doing some meditation, and still time to listen to the story of Brigit, who is the traditional patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft.

A real luxury.

Thank you for this.