Book on Education and Learning, “Un ángulo me basta”

Un ángulo me basta, from Tres Hermanas publishers, is the recent book where I have participated contributing with a chapter. This is not a traditional book on pedagogy, but Tres Hermanas considers their authors are “personalities”, teachers with something special or unique and very much their own to contribute, people who have reached an “angle”, a learning or a particular and valuable wisdom across the years.

Edited by writer Ernesto Calabuig, what was asked from the contributors was to tell about their particular way, and what has brought them to where they are in the present moment, where they have something different or valuable to say. Why did they started to do what they do? What where their origins and their quality jumps, or the eye opening experiences for them to have their very particular view of things. Every author in this book is an expert in their profession and knowledge and talk about what they would do if they could start again or what their experiences have taught them to face different problems. Something crucial es that they reach a point in their careers where they feel capable of explaining and making simple what is complex.

Talking about the beauty and the pleasure of sharing knowledge and experiences as one becomes more mature. Teachings that can be transmited. (Extracted from Editorial Dos Hermanas).

This can be now found in bookshops in Spain and I am feeling happy to have had the chance to write about how a different organisation during a music course in Devon created a sense of equality with all the other people that where sharing a building: the house keepers, highly renowned musicians, students and other staff in Schumacher Collegue come together as one to perform daily duties in the house, and this destroyed the sense of hierarchy that traditional music learning system had created in the minds of students. All due to  the philosophy of the center under the direction of Satish Kumar, who created a big impact on myself and my future trajectory.