Choirs/Singing groups

I am an experienced voice leader and choir director

I have been a choir director since 1997, having done choral conducting courses with Jose Antonio Sainz Alfaro (director of the OrfeĆ³n Donostiarra) and Alberto Grau (famous composer and choir director from Venezuela). Since then, I have lead different kind of ensembles, like mixed voices ensembles, female voices, male voices, children’s choir and a choir of parent’s and children, that performed my composition for piano and voice “Una Buena Receta” (A good recipe) performed in 2010 at Pozuelo’s Music School theater, in collaboration with writer Maria Castro.

Since living in the UK (2012) I have been director of the now extinct socialist feminist group “Velvet Fist”.

I have also been the musical director of “Positive Voices”, a choir for people living with HIV, that took place at the Bloomsbury Clinic between 2013 and 2015, with articles in The Guardian and El Mundo.

I currently lead three singing group from the Sing to Live programme, in various parts of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, one of them at 240 Project, a dedicated arts centre for people at risk of social exclusion.

Every choir or singing group gets its music taylored according to needs: everybody can take part!


A variety of singing groups,

a variety of approaches

Community Choir

This choir is the community builder by excellence. We will work in the voice and in the repertoire and will make sure that everybody is listened to and actively participating in it. Ideas are shared, and sometimes smaller groups to work into specific areas are generated. This gives the singers a great opportunity to interact and share ideas as much as their passion for singing.

Performances opporunities are looked for, enjoed and shared with the local community.

 Singing for Health

Health is for absolutely everybody, and it’s cross-disciplinary with any musical activity, but having said that, in the health oriented choir we will focus a little bit more in aspects like breathing, posture and how to make your singing help you improve your well-being. Sometimes people in a health oriented choir will have some specific needs or health issues, but is not necessary that this happens always. We also concentrate in the relation of our body and our mind with activities that are comfortable to perform and help your general state.

Mindful Singing

This is a most specialized kind of group, where we don’t necessarily focus in learning and performing songs, (although we also do), but in how our voice feels into our bodies and mind. Some activities are close to yoga of the voice, we will do chanting and people is gradually introduced to Primal Singing. A liberating activity that is meant to reduce stress levels and brings you closer to meditation and self exploration.