Improviser & Primal Singer

Maria’s first contact with the improvisation world was through Early Music, as in the baroque era, as in most musical times, improvisation was part of the knowledge and practice of an instrument, as well as a tool for the development of the musician.

Later on she encountered Primal Singing, a singing expression of the inner emotional landscape. A world of sounds that emerges directly from the personal and emotional self. María has been experimenting for years with this is a very emotional kind of vocal improvisation that can deeply touch the listener in a very direct way, apart from any formal or aesthetic criteria.

Together with composer Francis García at the virtual synthesizers formed duo Punto Cero. They gathers ethnic and contemporary influences, and it’s performances include movement, theater and active participation of the audience. She has also collaborated with composer Joao Godinho in the creation of the dramaturgy and movement for his piece O Marionetista .

Maria does impro solo performances and also links with other artists and companies in UK. She has performed at the International Improvisation Festival Hurta Cordel, at Malaga’s International Improvisation Festival, with musicians like Maggie Nichols, Ilan Volkov, Keith Tippet, Terry Day, Ricardo Tejero, Marcus Breuss, among others, has performed with the LIO (London Improvisers Orchestra) and is a member of Orquesta Foco (Spanish Improvisers Association Orchestra). She has been a steering committee board member of the Spanish Improvisers Association until she moved to UK in 2012.

Maria has developed her interpretation of Primal Singing for the last ten years, through personal exploration, experiences with students, concerts and hospital workshops. She loves that some people has called it “singing without words”.

She now calls this work PSI– Primal Singing Integrative™