Maria’s work is based fundamentally upon the creative performer.

Maria teaches voice, musicianship and expression to a wide range of students, from the amateur to the professional level.

The core principles that apply in both cases are flexibility, creativity, interaction and empathy.

She has worked with professional ensembles such as Orchestrutopica, coaching the interpretation of the piece “O Marionetista” (The Puppeteer) by composer Joao Godinho, to be premiered at the Festival do Estoril (August 2008).

For the premiere of the piece, and also for the writing of the script, I relied on the precious collaboration of the Spanish musician/actress Maria Gádor Soriano. Her work was also fundamental in the rehearsals: through a series of short games and exercises intended to promote relaxation and interaction between the musicians, she was able to put them more at ease with this scenic component to which most musicians are not accustomed.

In the beginning of the rehearsals, the musicians expressed a natural resistance to this foreign idea of going on stage also as an actor. But after a couple of rehearsals, and specially after the concert, their opinion was unanimous: it was extremely gratifying to feel that the music benefited a lot with this theatrical component; and it was also surprising to witness how the musicians’ commitment to the performance benefited so much from these (very light) acting exercises and games that were experimented in the rehearsals.”

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María has also worked with postgraduate piano students (advanced piano course with professor Ivan Citera) helping pianists with their musicianship through vocal and improvisational work. She has taught for Escuela de Música Creativa from year 2004 to 2012, for which she was head of children’s studies. She has also taught at the Lisbon Jazz Summer School (Ferias com Jazz) teaching improvisation to a wonderful group of teenagers whose love for jazz have made them part of the Big Band Junior that the CCB supports (Centro Cultural de Belem).

Maria has taught singing and lead choirs in several state music schools in Madrid, to adults and children over 7, since 1997.

She has worked with several amateur groups and is currently focused in the relationship between singing and well-being, delivering workshops with Singing4Health, a Company that promotes physical. mental and social well-being through musical activities, primarily centered in singing.

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This piece was created after voice improvisation workshops for “Four in Ten”, the LGBT Mental Health association at the Maudsley Hospital.