Private tuition


I am now taking some time off teaching private lessons, due to my need to spend some dedicated time researching, so you are very welcome to read my tuition page, but this won’t apply during the course 2018/2019.

Many thanks, feel free to look around.


Welcome to my private tuition page!

I take a small number of private students at my home in Ham (Richmond Upon Thames) with which we work precisely over what they need, be it style, technique, audition or exams preparation. I have 19 years of experience in teaching voice both to amateurs and to those who want to become professionals, and I also teach children over 7 years old who love singing..

Voice lessons can also be combined with sight-reading and music awareness, specially if you are planning to do exams. I currently prepare for ABRSM exams.

You can contact me and ask for an assessment so that we can get to know each other. This will take between 30 and 45 minutes and it’s free of charge. You will get my honest opinion about what are you able to do and how can I help you.



I’ve been asked many times if a classically trained teacher has something or not to offer to the world of pop and modern music, and the opposite. If technique is too different or can be used for both styles. There is not a unique answer to this, as it depends on what it works for each teacher and the background of each one. After having trained classically and thought for nine years in a modern music school (teaching voice to jazz and pop singers) I must say I learned a lot from them, and this is what I apply for different ways of singing.

So, can you believe this is the same person? 😉

Breathing technique, articulation, posture and emission is something I teach as general basic technique. Later, you develop your way of singing, with my support, in the way that fits the style you are singing. This is the way I can sing both modern and classical.



I am both proud and happy to have had students who have become professionals or are singing at a professional level, and are succeeding at different styles and levels. Click on the links to know about them.

John Acosta

Emma Rochford

Jesús San Pedro

Julia Vin

I am also very happy to teach children with a passion for singing, from the age of seven. I would look for performing opportunities for them, and once a year we do a recording practice, such as here.