I graduated in History (Art History Section) at Universidad Complutense (Madrid), and studied voice in London (Jessica Cash and Evelyn Tubb), and Madrid (Peter Harrison and Esperanza Abad), with a postgraduate diploma in teaching Secondary Education (Universidad Complutense).

Singing Spanish Baroque music with lutenist Michael Fields



Interested in Historic Music, I studied under some of the most prestigious specialists in that area (Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rooley) and performed Early Music concerts from the medieval to Romanticism with various ensembles in National and International Early Music Festivals (ask for full CV if needed).

    Exploring the creative performer and the relationship between health and the arts is important to me and a big part of my work..”




In 2006 I got in touch with Primal Singing, and since then I have delivered performances with Primal Singing (emotional improvisation) and contemporary improvisation  with various ensembles: Punto Cero (with Francis Garcia at virtual synthesizers and electroacoustics), Orquesta FOCO and LIO (London Improvisers Orchestra) among others. I also explored the world of free improvisation, and I have participated in improvisation festivals such as Malaga’s International Festival, Festival Hurta Cordel, Cuenca’s SIMAC, under the direction of Michael Fisher, Keith Tippet, Terry Day, Maggie Nicols and Ilan Volkov.

Performing with Improviser Terry Day at the Bamboo Reed Flute
Conducting one of the Sing to Live groups (RBKC programme)



Voice teacher since 1997, taught in numerous State Borough Music Schools, in Musica Creativa (modern music school) and was voice teacher at the professional acting school, TAI. As a voice and choir leader, I collaborate with Heritage2Health in helping nursing students have a holistic approach to both healthcare and the arts. (Lectures and practices at the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University). I have lectured choir directors in having a health related approach (‘Sing to Live’ project, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, 2014; Musica Creativa in Madrid, professional development training).



I am a Natural Voice Practitioner active in teaching voice, free improvisation, and creativity, tailored to different needs.  (Lisbon Jazz Summer School, Estoril International Festival, Maudsley Hospital, Heritage2Health. I am the director of Singing4Health.) I have worked for the RBKC programme “Sing to Live”, for which I wrote the framework document and was lead advisor.


I presented my poster in PSI at the International Symposium of Music, Spirituality, Wellbeing and Theology in Winchester University


I have been a member of the Arts and Health project group at the Centre for the Arts as Wellbeing, in Winchester University. This Centre embraces the social, personal, spiritual and political aspects of wellbeing in an aim for a better understanding on how can arts be used as a re-balancing tool, and explore and promote new ideas, and I am a member of the Singing and Mental Health interest group from the MARCH Network. I am a founder and steering committee member of the Music, Spirituality and Welbeing International Network group set by the Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman.

    Ask me for a full CV if you need one



Since 2020 I have put together my experience of working in difficult envinronments together with training in power dynamics and Public Health training, in order to deliver communication workshops for everybody (public speaking, most specially if you have a foreign accent, supporting you into delivering your talk with confidence -I do have an accent too!), some of them uniquely for women (in techniques for defending ourselves when harrassed, bullied or in front of aggressive communicators).
I also lead two Meetup groups for women about developing your feminine power, one in Madrid and one in London.



Since 2019 I am delivering secular ceremonies that celebrate the seasons, based on the Wheel of the Year and celebrating solstices and equinoxes as a way to connect with nature and provide meaningful experiences with music, stories, ritual and meditation. In November 2019 the Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman joined me in this adventure for which I am most grateful.

Song is a centre piece in this gatherings, and in many cases I write my own pieces for this occasions.

After a seasonal celebration, Summer Solstice.