Women’s Space


With the power of word and of your voice, you can create more opportunities for yourself, you will better defend your space and you will be better and more heard.

Take charge of a situation

Get your space back

Become a positive influcence

Enhance your wellbeing

We work into breaking educational conditioning that most of us grew up with, and support each other in doing so.

These workshops are a result of twenty five years of community teaching, teaching in difficult settings and situations, training as a performer and communicator.


This an essential course which will be very beneficial to staff and leaders of a number of organisations: GPs, mental health or addiction organisations, customer services, social workers, housing officers. A very worthwhile course for anyone dealing with the general public.” Theresa, choir director

     Thank you for this training, Maria, it has been very interesting. I have been able to apply the tools immediately, achieving very fast results” Clara, Cultural Manager.



I can also arrange with you to design and deliver a workshop either in your home or in your workplace.

Contact me with your needs and ideas.

What do you desire?


I have created a group in Meetup that meets once a month in Richmond Upon Thames, to discuss different themes of our interest. It is a really interesting group of women with whom to have meaningful conversations, and a fast growing group! In the frame of this Meetup I offer a series of other workshops, creating a space for women to get really practical tools for self-fulfilment, power, self-expression and following of your desires.

Although the base of this group is in Richmond Upon Thames, activities can take place in other parts of the UK.

Workshops range from classroom management for teachers of adults, to defending yourself from verbal abuse or harrasment and practicing asking and negociating.


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